Bubble Mask – Cleans, Purifies and Oxygenates ,

Cleansing and purifying face mask that helps remove the remains of oil, dirt and impurities from the skin. Its oxygenated bubbles produce a slightly fizzy sensation and form a thin layer of foam. It leaves skin feeling smooth, clean and relaxed. Suitable for all skin types, especially skin that is fatigued and exposed to air pollution.

How to use:

Massage the product into clean and dry skin using circular movements. Wait until a thin layer of foam has covered the face (5 minutes) then massage with damp fingers to deeply cleanse the skin. First rinse with plenty of warm water and then finish with cold water. Apply face cream as normal. Recommendations for use: apply once or twice a week. Wash hands after application. Wash the nozzle of the pump dispenser after use. Keep container closed.
Due to the nature of the formulation, when using the Bubble Oxygen Mask for the first time it may be necessary to squeeze the pump dispenser several times to extract the product.

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