Anti-Expression Lines Eye Contour

The anti-expression lines eye contour has a high concentration of Syn®-Ake. This new anti- wrinkles tripeptide (Syn®-Ake) has a similar effect as the snake venom (Tropidolaemus Wagleri) and helps to minimise muscle contractions. It has a botox-like effect on expression wrinkles (frown and crow’s feet) caused by repeated facial movements.

It also contains argan oil, protective shea butter and a soft focus agent which gives a unique optical blurring effect to the skin. The quickly absorbed cream will leave your skin radiant and nourished.

This product contains Syn®-Ake. Syn® is a registered trademark of DSM.

How to use:

 Apply the cream on the eye contour area. Gently massage with fingertips until complete absorption. Apply twice per day on a clean and make-up free eye area.

59,90 €